Why is PUBG so popular?

Players Unknown Battlegrounds is a work worthy of the era in which we are, is a set of mechanics and references whose history goes back to the beginning of the shooter, this game, in my opinion, has much of what a player of this genre currently looking for, Although it can be accused by a very simple silvering and its lack of fluidity compared to the market now, it is undeniable the fact that it has become the most important and talked about multiplayer game of the last year and one which many developers try to imitate …

Before talking about Battlegrounds I would like to talk about the creator of it.

-Brendan Greene-

Brendan Greene, had never had the desire to design video games, in fact he was a punctual player who occasionally played Call Of Duty or Assasins Creed, but he used to have a certain hatred for the constant reappearance in COD, so without much idea of ​​programming was proposed to create a mod for Arma 2 that ended up being a success, a mod which gave much importance to what Brendan was looking for, strategy.

So, let’s talk about what words define Players Unknown.
The word realism and the word simulation are the first that can come to mind but strategy is what we should really consider when we talk about this game.

– Jugability –

Few shooters are comparable in terms of the importance of positioning, the position during the game is so important that mechanical as the barrier and the red zone will always be factors that will affect a lot during the game as expected enemies , therefore the possibility of bending over and lying down are useful in stealth situations, a stealth that we have rarely seen on such a scale in a multiplayer shooter.
Apart from the scenario, it tends to favour this section on the basis of many coverage and wide grounds.

All these points that I have mentioned are reinforced at the start of each game, during the course of the plane trip you are free to direct how your experience will go, it depends on where you fall, risking your life or not, giving a complete turn to what we are used to seeing.
The difference is abysmal in each place you decide to fall, it is clear that if you go to the corner of the map you will be calm but you risk not getting alive when the circle closes while you can go to a site that will give you time to Escape the barrier but you do not know if you’ll have time to escape the enemies.
All this grouping of features are well executed, thanks to the great differences that have most places that you can fall, although from time to time we will see some very similar structure.

All this strategic and realistic philosophy comes to be summarised in the point that makes this game bigger, its loot system.

-the illusion-

Battlegrounds has a very wide loot system, which has a lot of personalization and progression during the game, different levels in both the helmet and the vest and many different accessories to improve your weapon that together creates an illusion , for example, let’s call it … “EGO”.
That illusion does not happen when starting a game, you do not usually have that superiority against enemies when you start because you have nothing, but during the game’s progress you advance in such a way that when you get “x” amount of objects you have a predominant mentality that makes you believe that you are valuable and consequently avoid all kinds of confrontation at all times.

As a concept Battlegrounds is not a novelty, without looking at the original piece which is a movie, we have games like the aforementioned ArMa2, H1Z1 in which Brendan also participated or just Minecraft with its hunger games mode back in 2012.

Systematically the work of Brendan Greene leaves us the option to explore and use what we find in our environment as a weapon as some shooters but the course of the road to victory is very rewarding despite not getting a reward for the height.

-What does Battlegrounds do so well?

In the beginnings of the shooter the normally predetermined objective was to kill any enemy that was put in front and in the arrival of the multiplayer this continued happening in the same way only that in this case you did not kill for fun if not for competition.
You fought to achieve that victory you craved, you fought to prove that you were capable of surpassing yourself, PUBG is no exception and in fact maximizes competitiveness to such a high degree that it would be very difficult to try to compare it with a game of such caliber.
The surprise factor will be constant so that at any time you can consider yourself safe creating that aura of tension that does not disappear during the games.

A big part of his fame is that there is nothing (at least currently) that gives you a boost in what is refers to the advantage against the players, you appear with nothing to defend yourself with, referring to the classic mythicals like Doom or Quake.
In the same way, avoid that tendency in the market to have the possibility to choose the weaponry with which you are going to go to the battlefield.

You and the respective skill that you have obtained through the time played.

Before finishing I would like to mention the much talked about Fortnite which for a lot of people is a hundred thousand times better than Battlegroundsr, although it should be more than evident that each one has different characteristics and (most importantly) different publics, while one is an attempt to approach a battlefield more realistic and tactical, the other commitment to a more cartoonesque vision and a fluidity of movement that combined with the mechanics of construction has been better received by the community.
Unfortunately this is also due to the shortage of updates that Battlegrounds offers compared to Fortnite.

And well, to finish I would like to emphasize that Battlegrounds is important, the games derived from it too, but this has caused a revolution.
A revolution that involves the creation of a new subgenre, one that brings together what the majority public is looking for right now.
Blue Hole has created a game that has been able to mold the objectives of companies and that despite their fall of attention, will always be and should be remembered as the creator of the genre “Battle Royale”.

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