This is the amount that Sony asks the guy who was selling PS4 consoles with jailbreak

In October of last year we informed you about a legal dispute started by Sony Interactive Entertainment against Eric David Scales for the sale of PS4 consoles modified with jailbreak and that included pirated software. Well, months after the company sued the subject, it revealed the amount that could end the dispute.

According to a report from TechNadu, Sony determined that Eric David Scales, accused of selling PS4 consoles with jailbreak on the Internet and including pirated games, must pay $ 20,300 USD for damages caused, violations of the Copyright Law of the Digital Age. (DMCA) and legal representation expenses. The request was made by the company before a judge in California, United States, because Scales did not appear at any time before the authorities and, therefore, the law enabled the Japanese company to determine, in his opinion, the amount that would cover the legal conflict. In that sense, Sony considered that it would charge Scales $ 1600 USD for the 2 modified PS4 consoles that it sold, after checking that it was, and $ 200 for each pirated game, of which 76 were checked.

Finally, and although the amount could be considered as much lower, it is considered that Sony is sending a warning message to those who alter the PS4 and pirate games for the console.

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