The director of Spider-Man talks about the controversy of mud puddles

“These are the usual bumps in the road,” says Bryan Intihar, director of the Marvel game.

Bryan Intihar left us in management duties one of the best video games of the past year with the great Marvel’s Spider-Man of PS4. The creative has spoken in a statement collected by the portal GamesIndustry in which he talks about many interesting aspects of production, for example, the highs and lows of such an important development.

“They are the kind of things that happen,” Intihar said. “Some people may not like the story at some point, other people go crazy over the mud puddles before the game arrives … They are the usual bumps in the road, when you play a game about a well-known character like this one there are always going to be people who doubt if they will be up to the task. “

“When you cast a minute of material, you’re going to have a lot of fans dissecting each frame, that’s great, because they talk about the title and create excitement, but there are also a lot of people who only look for problems. that the same thing happened to me, “he said. “People want to talk about the things they expect, they want to talk to their friends about it, write about it … In the end that kind of controversy is something that happens”.

“There is a downside, of course, and it is that of all those people who focus on things they would like to see or problems, but at the same time, they also shed some light on things that we could improve,” Intihar said. “A good example of that was swinging, that was something we could turn to, although it also worries me when people start to focus on that and make it the only issue, when criticism dominates everything else.”

“And, of course, there are your own fears, will I do something good enough? Will it survive the hype? So I think you have to be cautious whenever you get something out, because people are terrified that something is not up to par. the expectations, “said the creative.

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