Tencent will apply more security measures for children in China

For months, the government of China has ordered the application of a series of measures to limit the time that minors dedicate to video games, action that responds to concerns related to apparent health problems. In that sense, the companies have had no other option but to comply with the government mandate and put in place various strategies to comply in that area. Precisely, the Chinese communications giant, Tencent, has just announced the new measure that will apply in coming days.

According to a report by Xinhua News (via PocketGamer), Tencent announced the new measure that will be applied in some of its games in accordance with the Chinese government’s provisions. According to the information, players under the age of 13 will not be able to access a game without prior authorization from a tutor who will be registered on the platform and who will receive a notification to grant or deny the permit. As you will remember, Tencent has put in place measures as a confirmation of identity and age, as well as a kind of curfew that only allows children to play for a certain time. However, and given that it is a more complex process than it seems, Tencent has chosen to cover some gaps that could be exploited and that is why players of these ages will have to ask their tutors for permission digitally.

The new measure of Tencent in China will be applied in 2 of its most popular games, PUBG Mobile and Honor of Kings, which in the West we know as Arena of Valor. In addition, the company reported that this measure will begin to be applied in Beijing, Changchun and Chengdu.

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