Samsung already mass produces the first 512 GB eUFS 3.0 memory

There is already a 1 TB version in the task list for eUFS3.0 memories.

Samsung has released the first eUFS3.0 chips (embedded Universal Flash Storage) of 512 GB, which provide more than twice the performance in sequential readings compared to the 1 TB eUFS 2.1 memories that hit the market in January. This month, the company plans to release two versions: 512 and 128 GB. Later, during the second half of the year, the 1 TB and 256 GB versions will arrive.

With these memories, the Korean can offer portable storage options with performance similar to that of a SATA SSD. In terms of random write, Samsung claims that it improves its performance by 36% compared to 2.1, with a total of 68,000 IOPS. The sequential reading goes to 2100 MB / s, while sequential writing is assigned a speed of 410 MB / s, a 58% improvement. The company has shared a comparison chart that shows the progress in eUFS memories throughout its existence. We recommend the look, because what we have advanced is impressive:

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