Far cry 4

Back to hell …

That could have been his name, since half of the game if you like stealth you will be the real John Rambo, you will have at your disposal dozens of weapons, all very different but the most remarkable in my opinion are the bow, the stealth weapon lor excellence that as in Far Cry 3 has fire and explosive arrows, and the knife, a kukri that you handle very well and with some incredible animations you can kill from the back, from front, from below, from above and even from a car! All this coupled with animations more typical of movies of the 80s, remove the gun, throw your knife, …
All this is very useful in stealth, but what if they catch you and you are forced to shoot yourself? Quiet because there is an arsenal of incredible firearms, from the classic Ak-47 or M1911 to snipers, shotguns and missile launchers passing through rifles and light machine guns, not forgetting the mounted weapons that are in general heavy machine guns, a normal one with a lot of cadence, and the other with less cadence but devastating caliber 50.
Apart is the subject of animals, there are many and you have to hunt to get their skins, if you want since it is not mandatory, but if highly recommended, animals ranging from monkeys or wild dogs to rhinos or elephants to many others, dangerous or scary but that require a great ability to catch them by surprise.
Now one of the most important things, the story, for my somewhat lazy taste, lacks a lot of sense and will force you to choose options that condition the missions, the main story for my taste is short and not too interesting, but luckily there are many secondary missions of people with problems as custom (rescuing hostages, murders, etc) or secondary characters that will give us several missions, and also an “old friend” who will ask us for help. There are also collectibles, objects to look for trophies and discover more of the history of Kyrat.

Apart from the game, there is a way to create your map, create an area and put enemies or animals or whatever you want, it’s pretty good and you’ll have fun if you want to make a good map

Little more to say, it’s a pretty fun game, which for my taste would be perfect with a good campaign, but apart from that you’ll have fun exploring Kyrat and slaughtering the real army.

Far Cry in the Himalayas

This Far Cry 4 has been my first Far Cry I’ve played the entire saga, and I have to say that I was not disappointed at all, the location is interesting and the recreation of this, spectacular, in addition, the game has a very good way campaign that is very well done, but for me, the campaign mode is a bit short in duration, but it’s very good, it’s one of the best campaign mode I’ve played and seen of all the games I’ve played. The secondary missions are also good although there are some that you can do repetitive, but we are not so bad either. In technical section I must say that I have not had a failure and see that I have played the game 2 times at 100% (on PS4), no bugs, no framerate, no popping, nothing. It has good graphics. It has a great variety of fauna, variety of missions, weapons, accessories for these, the map is big, the character has charism, etc … I am indecisive people I recommend that you catch it, because it is very good game and entertains much . I recommend buying 100%, you will not be disappointed.

One of the best shooters of ps4

Kyrat, a fictional country located in the Himalayas, ravaged by a bloody civil war. The player will play Ajay Ghale, a native who after growing up in the United States, returns to his place of origin to realize the last will of his deceased mother: to spread his ashes in a very special place … But the war will surprise to our protagonist upon his arrival, and soon he must take part in it militating in the Golden Path, a rebel faction that seeks to overthrow Pagan Min, a self-proclaimed dictator King of Kirat. Little by little Ajay will discover that his past is much more connected to the Golden Path and to Min himself than he could ever imagine.

The numerous mountains and the rugged terrain of Kyrat has allowed Ubisoft to provide greater verticality to the title, an element that must be taken into account since the immense scenery is full of places to go, objects to find and missions to fulfill, both at lancho as throughout its mapping. Thanks to the picolet, Ajay can access hidden places and move with greater agility and fluidity through the winding mountains. Of course we will also have vehicles, both land, air and sea to move through the forests, roads, lakes and rivers of the game. As we have mentioned, it is a live scenario, full of fauna to hunt, flora to collect, characters to help and enemies to fight. The game presents a story line that follows the vicissitudes of Ajay within the Golden Path, and that will raise certain decisions that will significantly alter the future of the game. Without being extremely deep, every option is always welcome, as well as portraying the moral duality of war. Outside the campaign, long, fun and exciting, the title has a host of secondary tasks related to guerrilla warfare and that endow the title of a greater package. Destroying enemy convoys, taking positions, releasing hostages, executing commanders, stealing documents … all this helps to immerse oneself in an atmosphere that truly manages to faithfully reproduce a war situation. Other tasks are random and we can decide whether to complete them or not, but logically the title rewards us both with money, experience (to unlock skills) and karma points (unlocking economic advantages and even allows to recruit allies). With money we can trade and buy objects and a vast customizable arsenal.

Technically the game presents a lavish scene, full of vegetation and detail. The use of lighting is downright overwhelming, and the drawn distance is spectacular. Special mention for the mime with which the foliage or water has been portrayed. All this forms a simply unique atmosphere that will take us to the Himalayas. The characters also enjoy a good level, especially the protagonists when they are shown in close-ups. Secondary characters and enemies are more generic, although they do not cloud the whole. The work of physicists, the effect of explosions and the use of particles for smoke, dust or snow finish perfecting an outstanding section.

The sound section shines by the inclusion of a soundtrack very suitable for each moment, from soft and relaxing melodies for exploration as frenetic scores for moments of action. During car trips we can listen to Kyrat’s radio station, although its speaker is often repetitive and a little irritating. However, the dubbing in Castilian counts on habitual actors of the cinema and the television, reason why is frankly remarkable.


In short, it stands out in practically all its sections and guarantees many hours of fun in an impressively beautiful environment full of life and possibilities.

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