Apex Legends: Warn of the proliferation of fake mobile apps

The game is not available for iOS and Android but its interest does not stop growing.

As it happened with PUBG and Fortnite, the massive interest of the public to enjoy Apex Legends is leading some people to try to take advantage by launching clone video games and, what is worse, fake apps that could put at risk the iOS and Android device security.

This practice is spreading especially through videos on YouTube, where it “explains” how to manually download the battle royale. The reality is that these files with .apk extension are usually malicious software or simply an excuse to let the interested party through a link referred on the internet.

Experts in the field, such as Lukas Stefanko, of the ESET computer security company, have already warned on social networks of the presence of these false applications. At the moment there are no plans from EA and Respawn Entertainment for the launch of Apex Legends in both smartphones and Nintendo Switch.

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