Apex Legends & PUBG: More of the same

Play the PUBG at the time and I’ve tried some Battle Royale. It is not at all my favourite genre and it is overexploited, as it happened at the time with the MOBAs, a trend that many companies have signed up to get on the road to the new, to fall on the road, since the big ones are already positioned and in So saturated market you must do really well to do something spectacular and position yourself.
In the deliriums of the fashions the one that I remember the most was the Dawn of War 3, an RTS with too many MOBA elements that emerged in full fever and postfiebre of the MOBA and that took over completely the saga, having deserved low sales and ruining a amazing saga and adored by both rts and 40k fans.

But of course, this is a Free to Play, and only for that reason it already deserves a respect, because if you do not like it (as it has been my case) you do not play it anymore and it is already, and you have not invested a money in something that does not comply your expectations, and by the way, it takes a lot longer for other companies to do free to plays, in my opinion the model of the future for online competitive shooters, to my that to currarme a character and the next year to start again is something that It gives me infinite laziness. For example, games like World of Tanks show that you can have a competitive that evolves and improves constantly (7 years already)

But going to what we’re going. Apex Legends, and more as a Titanfall fan player. This game is really mediocre. There are no titans, the graphics are very mediocre cartoon type and the gameplay depends on your character, so there are no backpacks or run around the walls. It is not at all like the frenetic multiplayer of the two Titanfalls.
This is another, like all Battle Royale, each one tries to implement the little touches that they think will make it different, but it is not like that at all.
Although unlike for example the PUBG, each player has a unique ability and that makes you to work as a team a little more (by the way teams of 3, yes or yes) and you can resurrect allies if you get your card and put it in a beacon, roughly everything else is the same.
So, the game is bad? at all, to the followers of this type of games I suppose that they would like it, and more being f2p, nothing is lost to prove it, but good? Not even far, let alone being Titanfall. I downloaded it quickly to try it thinking that maybe, being set in such an attractive world and having played both games could have something fresh, different and that I would encourage this type of games, but not at all, it is another .

I personally do not like these experiments, nor the fashions. Titanfall is a good franchise with a super attractive aesthetic and especially with the roll of the titans, for the lovers of the wicks is what more, before this type of games I think it would be better to make a multiplayer up, with battles larger, much more than those limited in Titanfall 1 and 2, and with more destructible environment and customization. If they did a multi f2p so surely they would.

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