4 rupees cheaper in 18 days, Rs. 2.33 relief on petrol and diesel

The prices of petrol and diesel are continuing. Petrol in the last 18 days has decreased by Rs 4.05 and diesel 2.33 in the international market. The rate of reduction in the price of oil is earlier than that of the increase in the speed of two months from the middle of August.
According to the price notification issued by public sector retail firms, the price of petrol was cut by 21 paise a liter and diesel by 17 paise per liter. Petrol in Delhi is now 78.78 per liter and diesel is priced at Rs 73.36 a liter.In Mumbai, petrol has come to Rs 82.28 and diesel Rs 76.88 a liter. Along with this, petrol has been cheaper by Rs 4.05 a liter and diesel 2.33 liters in last 18 days. Vehicle Fuel prices are going down on October 18.
It is worth noting that on October 4, the petrol in Delhi was Rs 84 a liter and in Mumbai it was 91.34 liters. On that day, diesel was priced at Rs 75.45 a liter in Delhi and Rs 80.10 in Mumbai. Earlier, the prices of these two fuels were increasing steadily since August 16.
Increase after deduction
According to the data, petrol was priced at Rs 6.86 a liter and diesel was priced at Rs 6.73 a liter from August 16 to October 4. In order to provide relief to the consumers in the prices of petrol and diesel, the government had cut the excise duty on both fuels by Rs 1.50 a liter. Along with the government oil companies, the fuel was asked to give one rupee subsidy. On October 5, the price of petrol came to Rs 81.50 in Delhi and diesel at Rs 72.95 a liter. However, later it started to increase again and on October 17, petrol rose to Rs 82.83 in Delhi and Rs 75.69 a liter in Delhi.


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